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When I was a young kid I used to sit a lot at the side of the road in front of our farm.
  For a few stretching miles to all directions of the wind there was basically nothing - but the Frisian lowlands. Totally at random someone seemed to have thrown in a couple of farms; the first b-road along our farm was only laid out somewhere in 1965. Before and after there was the overwhelming silence of the lands. I remember especially the early days of March - when everywhere around us the lowlands ( finally ) defrosted, sometimes in early spring days without any trace of wind whatsoever. Special also where those extraordinay silent days in late September, early October - as we were all watching the skies for the first storms to arrive. 

 Today ( 50 years later ) you will find elements as mentioned above in all my art : the ( overwhelming ) waves of silence, the slowly passing of time ( coming to a complete standstill - I like that! ), and the sounds/noise of Nature. Most of all you will find these elements in my side project He Who Speaks In Silence.

Influences : David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Gas, Harold Budd, Eluvium, Library Tapes, Brian Wilson, The Sight Below, Yagya, Thomas Köner, and a lot of more or less totally obscure underground.

As I don't believe in reincarnation I work on a lot of projects simultaneously - here they are..
Gunnthrain - ( Dark ) ambientesque otherwordly surreal experimental atmospheric psychedelic post-rocky and / or neo-folky aural experiences. Gunnthrain's influences range from Joy Division to Biosphere, from Velvet Underground to Cocteau Twins, from Nick Cave to Brian Eno, from Underworld to Mathias Grassow, from Erik Satie to Thomas Köner, from Harold Budd to Pink Floyd, and all over again.

Ecce Homo Pietoso - Ecce Homo Pietoso disintegrates then rebuilds ( most of the time ) human voice material only and is greatly inspired by the work of the Anglo-Irish painter Francis Bacon ( 1909-1992 ). His art is famous for its often bold, grotesque and nightmarish imagery. May I add: compassion...? Compassion for humanity...?

Seelenruhe - Coming down from an atmosphere drenched in wind, rain and solitude.

The Johannes Breeuwsma Museum - A few acoustic pictures taken from a troubled life, and more.

WARNING - ( This audio has been set to private - by the artist - due to copyrights, and is only visible by invitation. Sorry for that )
Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors may not sound like your usual cup of tea. The project is all about recycling songs from the late 40's, the 50's and the 60's using the theory of granular synthesis.

Starting May 2013 / Vanaf mei 2013 -

The Ports Of Amsterdam ( Fieldrecordings ) - In the year 1984, carrying with me an old and borrowed Uher 4400, I spent several lonely nights in the Western and Eastern Amsterdam harbors to do... fieldrecordings... Scattered around me lay ruins - ruins of once thriving harbors, ruins of once thriving factories, ruins of trains (!), ruins of cranes, ruins overall. There was the distant smell of the past, the reality of the present - and in the architect's drawing a glimpse of the ( nearby ) future. 

< Yours sincerely : Zu Dir aka Johannes >